App Gives Pilots Previews of Coming Approaches

Flight Preview gives pilots an exact picture of the runway environment right on their tablet

A new app from Honeywell Aerospace eliminates surprises by giving pilots a highly accurate preview of the runway and surrounding terrain – long before they begin their approach. Introduced in spring 2016, the Flight Preview app provides a useful, practical and intuitive iPad tool that lets pilots know what they can expect during one of the most critical phases of flight.

Flight Preview gives pilots an exact picture of the runway environment right on their tablet. In essence, pilots can virtually fly an approach and become familiar with conditions before flying it under real-word conditions.

Designed by Honeywell’s renowned team of flight management system engineers, the Flight Preview app improves safety and peace of mind by providing pilots with much better situational awareness. The app uses current data from the FAA to render a flight path that includes waypoint sequencing and vertical and lateral profiling in three dimensions. The target runway is highlighted to further improve safety and operational effectiveness.

Pilots can use Flight Preview before or during their flight to get a clear picture of the conditions they will encounter during approach and landing. They will be able to complete their entire approach briefing using the app.

Designed with input from business jet and general aviation pilots, Flight Preview is one of the new additions to the Honeywell GoDirect portfolio of subscription services. With GoDirect, Honeywell provides operators, maintenance crews and pilots with a one-stop shop for the services they need to improve their operations, enhance safety and reduce costs.