What’s Your Mission?

What’s Your Mission?

Honeywell Offers Tips for Selecting the Right Satcom System for Your Helicopter

Operating in remote locations? Over water? How much bandwidth do you need? What kind of antenna is the best for my aircraft? The market for satellite communications equipment in the helicopter space can be daunting, but Honeywell’s experts are here to help.

In the latest addition to the Helicopter Satcom video series, Honeywell experts help operators navigate the sometimes confusing skies of airborne satellite communications.

The unique missions and requirements of helicopter operators must be considered when deciding on a satcom system. The rotorwash impacts the satellite signals to and from the aircraft and operation over water and in remote locations make air-to-ground networks not available.  Additionally the operators mission type – search and rescue; VIP/executive transport; oil & gas; emergency medical services – can translate into difficult connectivity needs and priorities.

“There are a few challenges that need to be considered when installing a high-speed data system on board a helicopter. First and foremost is the size and weight of the units,” said Tim Roberts, senior manager, technical sales, satcom systems, Honeywell Aerospace. “Additionally the installation or the placement of the antenna needs to be considered relative to the main rotor and the tail rotor. Having the ability to transmit through the rotor wash is of great concern on helicopters.”

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