Honeywell’s Helicopter Satellite Communications Products Enhance Safety, Increase Efficiency

Satellite communications systems for helicopters can provide a critical link from the aircraft to the ground, enabling complete situational awareness for both, and at the end result make the operation of a helicopter more efficient and safer.

“Honeywell is considered synonymous with safety. Our number one goal is to drive safety regardless of mission. And so many of the solutions that we have in our portfolio are anchored around that,” said Rick Angelo, Honeywell director of strategic marketing, global commercial helicopters.

In the second video in the Helicopter Satellite Communications series, Honeywell subject matter experts outline how the company’s products enable safe operation of an aircraft, whether the aircraft’s mission is emergency medical services or VIP/business executive transport or oil & gas missions.

“Honeywell has a unique advantage in today's market by having High Data Rates certified with Inmarsat, along with the long-burst interleaver capabilities for helicopter customers,” said Tim Roberts, senior director technical sales, satellite communications products, for Honeywell Aerospace.

Among the portfolio of Honeywell products:

  • The Aspire 200 satellite communications system, enhanced by the High Data Rate (HDR) software package, mitigates the impacts of the rotors on the satellite signal to and from the aircraft to bring broadband speeds to the helicopter.
  • The Sky Connect Tracker III system delivers powerful mission management capabilities to enhance global flight operations.
  • The Health Usage and Monitoring Systems (HUMS) sensors and embedded diagnostic software monitor and communicate the health and maintenance needs of critical components, all while in flight. 

Miss the first video in the series? Catch up here.

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