GoDirect Leads Straight to Honeywell Aerospace Services

GoDirect Leads Straight to Honeywell Aerospace Services

Sometimes a name says it all. That’s certainly the case with GoDirect, the new one-stop shop for aerospace services from Honeywell.

“Direct to” is a phrase pilots use when they talk about a nonstop flight that goes directly from Point A to Point B via quickest possible route. Honeywell’s GoDirect takes the same approach for pilots, operators and flight departments that want to access Honeywell’s comprehensive portfolio of Aerospace services – from flight planning and software updates to maintenance services.

Thanks to the new GoDirect web portal, customers can take the most direct route to accessing the Honeywell services they use most often. Using a single login, customers can view current subscription services as well as other subscriptions or service offerings that might help them improve safety, performance and cost-efficiency. Customers will even experience a personalized page which features their particular services subscriptions, making the GoDirect portal even easier to use.

Lots of companies talk about services offerings, but only Honeywell offers such a wide range of services and support coupled with vast product offerings to make life easier for operators, flight crews and maintenance teams.

Examples include Flight Support Services including the award-winning Weather Information Service, an innovative data link electronic flight bag application that puts real-time weather information at the fingertips of flight crews and dispatchers; Condition Based Maintenance Services, like the Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), which monitors the health of aircraft drivetrain components; Cabin Connectivity Services, including innovative “office in the sky” satellite communications capabilities for cabin and cockpit; and Maintenance Service Plans such as the Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP), which is an investment that covers repairs of Honeywell avionics systems.