Air Zermatt Takes to the SKYe

Kopter recently announced the exciting news that they have signed their launch customer for the SH09 helicopter. Air Zermatt will be the first helicopter to operate the SH09, powered by the HTS900 engine from Honeywell. Operating since 1968, Air Zermatt has gained a worldwide reputation for rescuing casualties, providing transport solutions and offering tourist flights. In preparation for future business requirements Air Zermatt found the value offered by the SH09 matched their requirements for improved power, efficiency, performance and operational flexibility.

Commenting on the selection, Martin Stucki, CEO of Kopter said, “We are very excited that we have secured Air Zermatt as the launch customer for the SH09 helicopter. This selection demonstrates the demand for a new helicopter concept from the helicopter industry.” Stucki went on to comment, “Air Zermatt will be a key partner as we move forward with the development and production of the helicopter and we look forward to working closely with them.”

Selected to power the SH09 the HTS900 provides superior power, performance and efficiency – providing significant fuel savings compared with other engines in its class. The engine is Honeywell’s next-generation, modern turbine engine for light to medium helicopters. The engine uses a dual centrifugal compressor to provide operators with greatly improved high and hot performance that means going farther, faster, with heavier loads using less fuel. Pilot workload is also reduced, especially during start-up, due to the inclusion of a dual-channel full authority digital engine control (FADEC) with manual back-up provision. This advanced FADEC makes flying procedures more secure and engine maintenance, planning and troubleshooting more efficient.

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