The TPE331 Turboprop Engine by Honeywell

No matter your line of business, the TPE331 delivers the most powerful flying experience on some of the shortest runways around the world. With more gearbox shaft horsepower than any other turboprop engine on the market, your colleagues will wonder why they’re still stuck on the ground. 


Unlike any other turboprop engine in its class, the TPE331 delivers a variety of cost-saving solutions to keep your aircraft off the ground and in the sky. Increase the power and lifespan of your aircraft without sacrificing time or money by replacing it with an engine that was built to give you the versatility you need to get the job done – no matter the size. See the aircraft that are leading these jobs today:


  • Supervan 900
  • Supervan 950
  • Super Otter


  • Dornier 228
  • CASA 212-400


  • Thrush S2R-G10


The TPE331 is not your ordinary engine, with the mechanics to operate more efficiently at higher altitudes and shorter runways. With more than 14,000 TPE331 engines flying around the world today, it’s no wonder why it’s been the leading choice for aircraft owners for more than 50 years.

  • Faster throttle response - single shaft design
  • Better fuel efficiency – higher pressure ratio
  • Lower cost of ownership - Conklin & de Decker
  • Longer maintenance intervals – no need for special FAA program
  • Quieter flyover - meets new German Airfield Noise Protection Order
  • Higher gearbox rating
  • Single exhaust
  • Simpler to operate - automatic one-button starting, single red line, torque and temperature limiting
  • No inlet particle separator - less hardware and much less performance penalty in icing conditions
  • Clean installation – access to all LRUs for maintainability


Seeing is believing. That’s why we think you should see the savings for yourself. Your turboprop engine is an investment, not something you should have to worry about replacing every time the going gets tough. Get an engine that was designed to withstand the harshest flying environments and stop spending money on an engine that you’ll have to replace the next time you blink your eyes. See why Honeywell’s TPE331 turboprop engine is here to stay.

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