Honeywell Recognized for Galileo Satellite Work

Honeywell Recognized for Galileo Satellite Work

Members of the Honeywell team were on hand recently as Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. celebrated an important milestone for the European Space Agency Galileo global navigation satellite system. SSTL delivered the 22nd Galileo navigation payload to prime contractor OHB System in Bremen, Germany, on May 12.

Honeywell Recognized for Galileo Satellite Work

From left to right, Patrick Wood (SSTL's Managing Director), Neil Killoran (Honeywell Programme Manager), Katherine Courtney (Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency)

Honeywell provides the output filter and output multiplexer for the navigation payload. The Honeywell components, which are critical to navigation system operation and accuracy, were developed and manufactured at the Aylesbury, U.K., site operated by the Honeywell COM DEV business unit.

The delivery was the last made under Galileo full operational capability Work Orders 1 and 2. Work Order 3 is expected to be issued by the ESA later this year.

At the May 12 celebration, SSTL presented a commemorative plaque to Honeywell, recognizing the company’s contributions to the program.

Honeywell components on the Galileo satellites filter and combine high power L-band and RF navigation from the satellites, providing higher-resolution global positioning data for the eventual users of the Galileo constellation. Through its COM DEV unit, Honeywell has more than 40 years of experience developing multiplexers and other hardware designed to deliver high performance under the demanding rigors of spaceflight.

Galileo is Europe’s global navigation satellite system, which will provide a highly accurate global positioning service, comparable to and interoperable with the U.S. and Russian GPS systems. Initial services are expected to be available by the end of this year and system completion is scheduled for 2020.