Honeywell Makes an Elite Flight Deck

How do you make a great flight deck even better? You add advanced features - just ask Honeywell.

Honeywell’s Primus Elite 875/885 upgrade is already the first choice among business jet operators as they begin to ditch their 25 year old display technology and add liquid crystal displays. And, with Honeywell’s Primus Elite Advanced Features, featuring a new, compelling Synthetic Vision System, the choice is just that much easier to make.

Synthetic Vision is a revolutionary safety feature that presents 3D terrain, obstacle and runway data to the pilot in an easy-to-interpret picture on the primary flight display. The system also provides standard flight navigation information – including position, altitude and heading – to give pilots improved situational awareness around the aircraft. Now more than ever, Primus Elite improves safety and situational awareness, reduces pilot decision time, and improves workload management.

Synthetic Vision System

In addition to SVS, Primus Elite’s new advanced graphical display capabilities adds the display of Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) to the enhanced map and supports two additional XM Weather features, Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report (METARs) and Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAFs). The result is a more complete picture, better situational awareness and quicker decision-making when it really counts.

Now more than ever, Primus Elite provides you with all the features and safety benefits of the most advanced cockpits in operation today including increased reliability, reduced weight and lower cost of ownership.

The Primus Elite 875 upgrade is certified and available today for the Bombardier®Global Express, Global XRS and Global 5000 with Honeywell’s Primus 2000XP AFCS; Cessna Citation X; Dornier DO 328; Dassault®Falcon F900EX and F900C; and the Embraer®Legacy 600. Primus Elite is production standard on Embraer’s Legacy 650.

The Primus Elite 885 is certified and available on the Gulfstream®GIV, GIVSP and GV as part of Gulfstream’s PlaneDeck retrofit.

Primus Elite Advanced Features is certified and is currently available for the Gulfstream GIVSP and GV offer through Gulfstream service center as PlaneDeck SV. Availability for the GIV and all Primus Elite 875 applications is in work and will follow shortly.

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