5 Reasons Your Aircraft Needs Ovation Select

5 Reasons Your Aircraft Needs Ovation Select

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5 Reasons Your Aircraft Needs Ovation Select

Today, business jet travelers are accustomed to having access to connectivity, critical business applications and high-definition entertainment at their fingertips, at any time of day, no matter their location.

And, for many business jet operators and their passengers, it’s pertinent that their connection to the ground doesn’t end when they’re preparing to board; in fact, most business travelers step on the aircraft with a tablet in one hand and their smartphone in another.

Can your cabin management system (CMS) deliver a remarkable in-flight experience for your passengers so that they can stay connected and productive at 30,000 feet? If your answer is no and you’re tired of missing the big moments while you’re traveling, here are five reasons why you should consider Honeywell’s Ovation Select®, an all-digital, high-definition system that will delight your passengers.

  • It’s Intuitive
    Using a familiar touchscreen interface, passengers and crew can control a variety of cabin environmental conditions ─ including lighting, seats, temperature, galley, even window shades ─ at their seat or from the convenience of a mobile electronic device.
  • It’s Reliable
    Ovation Select is designed to minimize single-point failures, meaning a single failed component won’t affect the other components within the network. Advanced onboard diagnostics continuously monitor the entire system, delivering real-time status to the crew and, if necessary, providing recommended actions to resolve system issues.
  • It’s Productive
    Passengers can make the most of their journey using the system’s high-speed network to make voice and video calls, receive and respond to emails, access the Internet, and connect directly to office networks and systems using laptops, tablets and smartphone devices.
  • It’s Entertaining
    When it’s time to relax, passengers can sit back and watch live TV, pop-in an HD Blu-ray movie with full surround sound or stream content from any carry-on device throughout the entire cabin.
  • It’s Scalable
    Ovation Select’s design provides the highest degree of flexibility for rapidly integrating emerging technologies. In fact, passengers and crew can control cabin features from the app developed for the Apple Watch, Android Wear and other wearable technology.

Choose Honeywell’s Ovation Select cabin management system and turn your cabin into a state-of-the-art theater in the sky, the ultimate mobile office — or both. Let us know how we can help by contacting us today.

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