Honeywell New Zealand Dealer Offers AS350 Safety Upgrades

The Eurocopter AS350 is the reliable workhorse of New Zealand’s vibrant helicopter tourism industry, which has been boosted over the last 15 years by fans of the “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” movies, which were filmed in the island nation.

New Zealand tour operators are constantly looking for ways to improve the safety and efficiency of their operations. Technology upgrades from the Honeywell BendixKing business and New Zealand authorized dealer Airwork NZ will soon be available to help operators enhance passenger safety, improve performance, generate more revenue, reduce costs, and comply with current and emerging regulatory requirements.

Airwork NZ is one of New Zealand’s leading helicopter engineering and maintenance providers, with special expertise in AS350 avionics and engine modifications. BendixKing and Airwork NZ have developed a complete upgrade solution that can be customized to meet operators’ specific requirements. Operators can choose individual components or can select one of three BendixKing equipment suites.

Centerpiece of the BendixKing-Airwork solution is the next-generation KSN765 multifunction display, which features a high-resolution 5.7-inch VGA display. The KSN765 replaces standard electromechanical displays on the AS350 and features greater reliability and ease-of-use.

Also available is the Mark XXI Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS), especially designed for light helicopters without radio altimeters. The Mark XXI EGPWS is based on proven Honeywell technology that is credited with saving thousands of lives by helping pilots avoid controlled flight into terrain.

Connectivity is becoming an increasingly vital capability throughout aviation. The AeroWave 100 is a next-generation solution that offers Wi-Fi in the cockpit and cabin, providing pilots and passengers with reliable high-speed connectivity wherever they fly.

Other available upgrades include a Mode S ADS-B Out transponder, navcom radio and radar altimeter, all of which add capabilities and functionality for the helicopter.

Airwork is currently working on certification of these solutions. For more information, visit the Airwork NZ website or contact Simon Williams at

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