Honeywell Helps NASA’s Juno Mission Reach Jupiter

Honeywell is cheering the next successful step in NASA’s Juno mission, with the spacecraft making a flawless entry into orbit around the planet Jupiter July 4.

Under prime contractor Lockheed Martin, Honeywell Aerospace produced the Miniature Inertial Measurement Unit system that controls and stabilizes Juno’s guided navigation, as well as the waveguides that direct electromagnetic signals between components such as filters and switches.

Other Honeywell components onboard Juno include radiation-hardened application-specific integrated circuits and static random access memory.

Juno will orbit the solar system’s largest planet for the next 20 months, serving as a space science lab to explore the planet’s origins and evolution.

As it dives between the planet and its belts of charged particle radiation, Juno will be gaining knowledge that NASA expects to further understanding of how planetary systems form and develop in our galaxy and beyond.

Juno is the second spacecraft to orbit Jupiter, following the 1995-2003 Galileo mission. Juno was launched Aug. 5, 2011, aboard an Atlas V551 rocket.

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