How Datalinks FANS 1/A+ and PM-CPDLC

Most business aircraft delivered since 2011 (and many delivered prior to 2011) have been equipped to facilitate their integration into the emerging aerospace infrastructure. However, “legacy” aircraft, even those exempted from mandated equipment upgrades, can still be retrofitted with the required hardware to take full advantage of these upgrades for more efficient and safe operations.

However, it is critically important that your upgrades be thoroughly evaluated and carefully planned. Poor implementations can dramatically increase flight crew workload and make future upgrades inefficient and expensive.

Honeywell is uniquely positioned to take advantage of its integrated product line, worldwide presence and customer focus to optimize the upgrade cycle for business jet operators and bring added value through implementation of FANS technology upgrades.

What is FANS?

FANS is a concept for avionics systems that was developed by ICAO in partnership with Boeing, Airbus, Honeywell and others in the aerospace industry to allow more aircraft to safely and efficiently utilize a given volume of airspace.

Essentially, FANS is designed to provide direct data link communication between the pilot and the air traffic controller.

FANS 1/A uses an early version of Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) (AFN protocol) and has been used for almost 25 years as a version of oceanic surveillance and communication by airliners. It encompasses two main parts: Automatic Dependant Surveillance - Contract (ADS-C) and Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC).

Protected Mode - CPDLC is a higher speed data link service using PM-CPDLC under the ATN protocol. (Also known as Link 2000+ and FANS B)

FANS 2 is hardware that combines FANS 1/A and PM CPDLC into one unit and supports both FANS 1/A (oceanic) and PM-CPDLC.

“Protected Mode” Controller Pilot Data Link Communication

“Protected Mode” Controller Pilot Data Link Communication is complex in name, but is straightforward in practice. Essentially, PM-CPDLC allows pilots and Air Traffic Control to send pre-set data messages between the ground and aircraft -- basically text messaging for pilots.

PM-CPDLC enables automation of up to half the routine tasks a controller performs, reducing air navigation costs by half and increasing airspace capacity threefold.

Honeywell’s Solutions for Mandates Compliance

Datalink - FANS 1/A+ and PM-CPDLC

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And Don't Forget.  A Communication Service Provider Required!

The required equipment upgrades usually receive the most attention, followed by the application process. It is often during that process when operators learn they are required to have an approved data link Communication Service Provider (CSP). The good news is that Honeywell Global Data Center (GDC) data link customers already have an approved CSP. The GDC gives customers access to approved VHF data link networks, including ARINC and SITA, which deliver all CPDLC and Automated ADS-C traffic per standards defined in the ICAO Global Operational Data Link Document.

The GDC also provides customers with Inmarsat’s Satellite Communication (SATCOM) FANS capability in remote and oceanic airspace. Aircraft equipped with approved SATCOM systems enable operators to take full advantage of FANS and reduced separation operations in the North Atlantic Organized Track System and other remote regions.

Learn more about Honeywell’s data link services.

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