Honeywell-Equipped Boeing 737 MAX Makes First Flight

The first member of Boeing®’s efficient 737 MAX family of single-aisle airplanes made its first flight Jan. 29 with a full complement of Honeywell Aerospace electronic and mechanical systems onboard. The first 737 MAX 8 made its maiden flight from Renton Field, near the Boeing 737 Final Assembly Plant in Renton, Wash.

Honeywell is a long-time supplier of systems and products for Boeing airplane programs, including the highly successful 737 program. Much of the Honeywell technology that will fly on the 737 MAX has been proven on previous versions of the airplane, including the Next-Generation 737. Honeywell provides a wide range of products and systems for the 737 family including navigation, flight management, auxiliary power and lighting systems. 

The 737 MAX will be the first airplane to fly with Honeywell’s latest Honeywell Electronic Bleed Air System. The system takes airflow from the main engines to provide cabin pressurization and environmental cabin controls and bring warm air to the wings to reduce potential icing. For operators, the new EBAS will enable significant cost savings in maintenance and reduced fuel burn over the lifetime of the airplane. It boasts higher reliability than its predecessors.

The 737 MAX 8 is the first member in Boeing’s new family of single-aisle airplanes — the 737 MAX 7, MAX 8, MAX 200 and MAX 9 — to begin flight testing. The 737 MAX will extend the Next-Generation 737 range advantage with the capability to fly more than 3,500 nautical miles (6,510 kilometers), an increase of 340 to 570 nautical miles (629 to 1,055 kilometers). The 737 MAX family has 3,072 orders from 62 customers worldwide. First deliveries are scheduled for 2017. 

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