Honeywell App Makes Buying Fuel Trouble Free

Honeywell App Makes Buying Fuel Trouble Free

January 6, 2016

Pilots looking to save money, time, and hassle at the fuel pump need to look no further than their iPhone. With Honeywell’s popular goFuel app, pilots can find the best-available fuel price in the area and make sense out of all their company’s fuel purchasing agreements – all by touching just an icon or two.

Introduced in September, the goFuel app sets a new benchmark for convenience and ease-of-use. Best of all, goFuel is currently a free application that can be downloaded at the iTunes Store.

Business jet pilots can use the app during preflight to find the best Jet A fuel prices at every planned stop along their flight path. Fuel can be preordered with the touch of an icon, saving time at the refueling site. Price data comes directly from the fuel vendors and is continuously refreshed to reflect the negotiated prices at each location.

goFuel even shows prices for all the fixed base operator (FBOs) at a given airport and at other airports in the same geographic area, giving flight crews the ability to shop around for the best fuel prices. Available prices are displayed on a graphical map that makes it easy for pilots to find the FBOs with the best available prices – especially compared with the alternative of having prices presented on a printed spreadsheet. 

The goFuel app is also an electronic wallet that lets pilots store and manage fuel card numbers digitally, so they no longer have to search for and present a physical card when buying fuel. Pilots flying multiple aircraft types will appreciate that the app can store several aircraft types and tail numbers, making it easier than ever to order fuel and make sure it gets charged to the right budget line.

Honeywell Aerospace is continually looking for ways to improve goFuel and make the app even easier to use. Plans are in the works to add Avgas prices for piston-aircraft pilots, introduce an iPad version and develop other enhancements in the year ahead. 


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