Frequently Asked Questions on Honeywell High Temperature Applications

Q. What is your approach to solving my high temperature design problems?
A. We want to be your single source for high temperature solutions. To do that, we bundle a collection of capabilities and products together into a "solutions offering" that allows us to create a unique yet affordable solution for you. Our collection of capabilities includes:

  1. A pre-sale applications engineering service to define, then optimize your solution
  2. The world's broadest family of standard electronic components, our HTMOS™ family
  3. A demonstrated high temperature multi-chip module design and production capability
  4. Our ultra sensitive HMC series of high temperature magnetic sensors
  5. Over 150 man years of high temperature product design and manufacturing experience
  6. Relationships with qualified suppliers of high temperature discrete components, connectors, solder and all the other system elements you need
  7. A post-sale program management service to deliver our product on time to you
  8. ISO9001 certified design and manufacturing processes

Q. What HTMOS™ products are available today?
A. Everything referenced in the high temperature products page is available today. In the United States, our HTMOS™ products are available for purchase direct from the factory and distributor partners. Outside the United States, our HTMOS™ products are available for immediate purchase through your local sales representative. Visit Contact Us to find your local sales representative and distributor.

Q. How are the HTMOS™ electronic products packaged?
Our HTMOS™ products are offered in through hole DIP and PGA packages. Surface mount packaging is available upon request but subject to additional testing costs.

Q. What new high temperature products is Honeywell developing?
Many new HTMOS™, sensor and multi-chip module level products, including a novel approach to providing high temperature non-volatile memory, are in development. Through our internal developments and business partners, we will be expanding our collection of capabilities this year. Contact your local sales representative for details on their availability.

Q. Do you sell HTMOS™ electronic products in die form?
Yes. For very cost sensitive and high volume applications we will sell probed good die. Contact your local sales representative for details.

Q. What is the single most important benefit of using HTMOS™ products?
Affordable, reliable operation at high temperatures over time. We have over 2.5 Million device hours of life test information that proves our Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) based approach will continuously operate at 225°C for 5 years.

Q. What reliability testing has Honeywell conducted to ensure that these products will meet the projected life times at temperature?
Honeywell has an ongoing life test program, which is used to establish a reliability database for its high temperature technology. To date, over 2,500,000 equivalent device hours have been logged at 225°C (includes 20,000 hours at 300°C) in dynamic burn-in. Using a 0.7eV activation energy, a FIT rate of 3311 at 225°C has been calculated. This implies a 34 year Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

Q. How long has Honeywell been developing HTMOS™ High Temperature Electronics?
We started circuit design and process modifications in 1993 and we introduced our first products in 1995.

Q. What types of high temperature sensors do you have?
We have demonstrated Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) based high temperature pressure sensors in ranges from 3,000 psi to 22,000 psi, all designed to operate up to 225°C. This same basic technology will provide the same pressure range products operating at 225°C. Contact your local sales representative with your specific requirements for our review.

Q. Have you demonstrated high temperature multi-chip modules?
Yes. We have designed and shipped VLSI complexity, fully functional high temperature multi-chip modules. We have a complete in-house module design and production capability that allows us to make a similar multi-chip module for you.

Q. What is Silicon On Insulator (SOI) technology and why does it work well for high temperature applications?
SOI technology utilizes a layer of silicon on top of an insulating substrate. Honeywell's technology uses a thin silicon layer on top of a silicon dioxide insulating layer. We then cut vertical trenches into the top silicon to laterally isolate all of the devices from each other. Our total device isolation feature means that critical P.N. junction area is reduced by two orders of magnitude. This reduction in junction area directly reduces the leakage currents, which historically have been the primary limitation to high temperature operation of CMOS integrated circuits.

Q. What has Honeywell done that allows SOI technology to provide reliable solutions that work to 225°C?
We have evaluated the gate oxide and interlevel metal dielectric for high temperature integrity and reliability. Our testing shows that our structures will withstand 225°C temperatures reliably for 5 years or longer. The metallization has been evaluated and we are using a 0.5mA per square micron current density in the metal lines which yields 5 year operation at 225°C before the first three sigma failures are expected due to electromigration. This compares to the typical 4mA to 5mA per square micron design guideline for military ICs. We have also modified transistor thresholds so that the devices continue to work normally in the enhancement mode above 300°C.

Q. What testing does Honeywell do to ensure high temperature performance of its HTMOS™ standard products?
Honeywell tests all our high temperature products to data sheet specifications at -55°C, 25°C and 225°C. We also perform a 250°C burn-in on all products prior to final test.

Q. How can I get more information?
Contact Honeywell for more information, or 800-323-8295.

For more information call +1-800-323-8295.

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