Award Winning App Puts Weather Info at Fingertips

Honeywell Aerospace is constantly looking for ways to improve its award-winning Weather Information Service, an innovative application that puts real-time weather information at the fingertips of flight crews and dispatchers.

We recently introduced another upgrade to the app that helps business jet pilots and dispatchers create and manipulate their flight plans with just a few screen touches on the Electronic Flight Bag tablet that hosts the application. This new feature makes it easier than ever to view and analyze weather conditions along an aircraft’s projected flight path and to change the route to avoid potential hazards.

What makes our Weather Information Service app different is its ability to keep flight crews connected with real-time data. The service replaces old-school weather data services, which often leave operators relying on preflight paper forecasts and limited radio updates from air traffic control. As a result, pilots could be using information that is hours old and has been superseded by new weather information available by the time it’s really needed.

Recent releases of Weather Information Service have expanded on the available data to include pilot reports and other weather observations from other aircraft. 

For example, if the pilot of another aircraft reports encountering icing or turbulence, that report is automatically passed on to other aircraft in the area – if their flight crews are using Weather Information Service-equipped flight bags. The app even collects data on lightning strikes, gathered from satellite-based sensors, and reports them through the app. Unlike forecast data that can cover a wide area, Weather Information Service features give pilots information specific to the airspace in which they’re flying and all along their projected route.

Other recent upgrades include a variety of features that make the app easier, more intuitive and more convenient for users.

Next up is ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) capability, which will make the Weather Information Service available to an even wider range of aircraft operators. This and other upgrades are planned for release in 2016.

With all this going for it, no wonder the Weather Information Service was recently named Innovation of the Year at the Middle East Aviation Business Awards and was chosen by Airbus for the Weather on Board for FlySmart offering.


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