Laseref VI Delivers Peak Performance for Twin Helos

Laseref VI Delivers Peak Performance for Twin Helos

February 3, 2016

Now, more than ever, helicopter operators need a navigation system they can count on – one that works even when GPS signals are not available. Honeywell’s proven Laseref inertial navigation technology has been helping pilots stay on course for decades.

Our newest offering – the Laseref VI Inertial Reference System – has been redesigned to meet the unique needs of helicopter operators. It provides helicopter crews with the best accuracy and reliability available today, in a smaller, lighter, less power-intensive package that enables low cost of ownership and reduces pilot workload.

The Laseref VI IRS features our latest-generation technology, including our newest ring laser gyroscopes and quartz accelerometers. The result is the best-performing, lowest-cost IRS available today.

Helicopter operators will appreciate an IRS featuring optimized alignment for quick dispatch, full helicopter qualification levels, highly accurate pointing capabilities and 100 percent availability of required navigation performance (RNP) for landing and takeoff scenarios when satellite navigation is interrupted.

In Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)-denied situations, the GPS hybrid function provides position data and integrity coasting, enabling helicopter operators to achieve their mission under a wide range of challenging operating conditions. The Laseref VI IRS solution meets the needs of autonomous navigation in the absence of GPS and for RNP authorization required approaches and take-offs.

The Laseref VI IRS builds on Honeywell’s 30 years of experience in inertial navigation, providing twin-helicopter operators with the performance they need to tackle any mission under a wide range of operating conditions.