Embraer Rolls Out the First E-Jet E2 Powered by Honeywell’s Primus Epic Integrated Avionics Suite

Embraer Rolls Out the First E-Jet E2 Powered by Honeywell’s Primus Epic® Integrated Avionics Suite

February 25, 2016

Embraer premiered the first E-Jet E2 with Honeywell’s Primus Epic® integrated flight deck. The Honeywell Primus Epic 2 system on the second generation of E-Jets is an evolution of the existing cockpit on the current generation of E-Jets, which will assure a smooth transition for pilots.

The five 8x10 inch displays will be replaced by four 13x10 inch large landscape displays with advanced graphics capabilities. SmartView® synthetic vision system improves the flight crew’s situational awareness by providing a large, 3-D color synthetic image of the outside world to enhance safety and efficiency. Honeywell’s Next Generation Flight Management System (NGFMS) provides enhanced flight planning, navigation and aircraft performance capabilities. Since Honeywell’s Primus Epic avionics are software based, Embraer will be able to easily and effectively integrate future communication, navigation and air traffic management functionalities.

Honeywell and Embraer have a long history of working together on a variety of products and services, dating back over 25 years and the aircraft roll out was an exciting milestone for the two companies. The second generation of E-Jets demonstrates Honeywell and Embraer’s commitment to continuously offer state-of-the-art cockpit technologies to airlines.