WTFFF Podcast Showcases Honeywell 3D Printing

WTFFF Podcast Showcases Honeywell 3D Printing

The WTFFF Podcast has become a must-listen forum covering the ins and outs of additive manufacturing – or 3D printing – technology. Some of the world’s foremost authorities on this rapidly advancing technology have been interviewed on the podcast by hosts Tom and Tracy Hazzard.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Tom and Tracy about some of the exciting ways that Honeywell Aerospace is using 3D printing to reduce cycle time and improve quality for our customers in commercial aviation, defense and space.

3D printing is really taking off in commercial aviation. Honeywell and other companies already are using additive manufacturing to make parts that meet the exacting specifications of the FAA. We’re proud to say that Honeywell made the first 3D printed aerospace component in 2015 and are working right now on three others. We also made a part that has been launched into space.

During the podcast, we also talked about the growth in the use of additive manufacturing technologies within the aerospace industry and how Honeywell had opened additive manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Czech Republic, China and India to build prototypes and tooling for Honeywell engineers and manufacturing facilities.

In many ways, we’re just getting started. We see enormous potential for 3D printing moving forward as we look for ways to do a better job for Honeywell customers around the world.

Visit the Hazz Design website to listen or read a transcript of the podcast.