The ADS-B Out Upgrade by Pro Star Aviation

The year 2020 may seem like the distant future if you’re planning a business trip to visit customers. But if you operate a business jet equipped with Honeywell’s Primus II integrated communication/navigation system, now would be a good time to start planning for the 2020 Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out mandate. Because on January 1, 2020 your aircraft may effectively be grounded without this upgrade.

As the name implies, ADS-B allows the aircraft to continually broadcast its position—aircraft identification, current position, altitude and velocity—without benefit of ground-based systems.

Primus II-equipped aircraft that will be affected include:

  • Challenger 601
  • Citation 550 (II)
  • Citation 560 (V, Encore, Ultra)
  • Citation 560 XL (Excel)
  • Citation 650 (III, VI, VII)
  • Citation 750 (X)
  • Learjet 40
  • Learjet 45
  • Global Express (5000, 6000)
  • Hawker 800 & 1000 series

Pro Star Aviation collaborated with Honeywell Aerospace to develop the supplemental type certicate (STC) specifically to give operators more flexibility and choice when equipping their aircraft to meet worldwide ADS-B mandate. FAA approval was awarded in July.

“If you plan to operate one of these aircraft after 2020 or simply want to maintain the asset’s value, the ADS-B upgrade solution for your Primus II-equipped aircraft is available today,” said Jeffrey Shaw, Pro Star Aviation’s Director of Business Development.

The ADS-B upgrade with mandated WAAS GPS sensor is the latest evolution of the Primus II radio suite—one of the most prevalent integrated comm/nav systems flying.

The Pro Star ADS-B Out AML (Aircraft Model List) STC—ST00361BO—which applies to all the Primus II aircraft listed above, covers the upgrade of existing RCZ communication units and controllers as well the required interface to an approved WAAS GPS sensor. The STC currently offers a cost-effective interface to the Bendix King KGS-200 standalone GPS sensor as well as the WAAS upgraded NZ-2000 GPS sensors in single or dual configuration. Pro Star also plans to add more approved GPS sensors in the future.

The STC is compliant with both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) 2020 ADS-B mandates, as well as with the DO-260B standards required for flight above FL180.

“With thousands of business aircraft requiring ADS-B upgrades as we approach mandate compliance deadlines, the capacity limitations will certainly play a role in getting aircraft updated on your preferred timeline,” Shaw said. “And of course costs associated with aircraft downtime could increase due to installation capacity/delays as the compliance dates approach.”

Installation of this STC can be accomplished by Pro Star Aviation at their Manchester, NH-based facility (MHT) or at an operator’s home facility by utilizing their ON THE FLY service option.

Additionally, ST00361BO can be purchased by any authorized Honeywell dealer directly from Pro Star Aviation by filling out the form below.

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