New GoDirect Toolkit App Streamlines Maintenance

A new application from Honeywell Aerospace makes it much easier for aircraft maintenance technicians to troubleshoot and service the Honeywell satellite communications and router hardware on their aircraft. The Honeywell GoDirect Satcom Toolkit app enables techs to easily download, view and email troubleshooting and configuration data using their iPad or iPhone.

Previous maintenance tools required the use of a personal computer, USB serial adaptor and cable to connect to satellite communications line replaceable units. With the new app, technicians can use a convenient cable kit available from Honeywell to wirelessly link the hardware with their tablet or smartphone.

Customized for this Honeywell application, the battery-powered Wi-Fi cable kit includes both USB and Ethernet adaptors to make smart device connection easy. Once the connection is made, data can be downloaded or uploaded by pressing a single button on the iPad or iPhone, saving aircraft operators and maintenance technicians both time and money.

This easy-to-use application instructs operators to enter their aircraft tail number and select their particular equipment from a dropdown list of options. Easy-to-follow instructions lead technicians through the app features and steps to log into the application. From there, they will be able to access a variety of features, including the ability to view, send or delete log files.

The GoDirect Satcom Toolkit application is available now at the Apple Store or at the Honeywell applications page. There is no charge to download the application. The required Honeywell cable kit can be purchased here.

Engineers at Honeywell plan to continue developing new features for the toolkit, including additional satellite communications systems and links to our aircraft network specialists Honeywell is a leading force in the evolution of the connected aircraft. The company offers customers a complete portfolio of hardware, software and services designed to enable high-speed satellite communications anywhere they fly with speed and reliability comparable to what they experience on the ground.

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