It’s Always a Great Day to Fly with Honeywell’s SmartView

Regardless of the visibility outside, pilots can count on the Honeywell SmartViewTM synthetic vision system to provide them with the most advanced view of terrain, obstacles and runways along their intended route. This latest evolution in safety of flight and enhanced situational awareness brings a never before available level of protection to the crew, passengers and aircraft.

SmartView improves situational awareness by providing a vivid and accurate picture of what the pilot would see out the windscreen if flying conditions were ideal. The system combines information from Honeywell’s Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) database with data from onboard sensors to render a 3-D image on the primary flight display. Intuitive head-up display symbology is overlaid on the 3-D image, completing the easily interpreted and compelling depiction of the aircraft’s flight parameters as it relates to the outside world.

With SmartView, pilots have the ultimate safety tool – one that will help them make appropriate and efficient decisions leading to improved safety of flight. It complements Honeywell’s interactive navigation system display (INAVTM), which enables onscreen graphical flight planning. SmartView improves the pilot’s ability to make the near-term decisions that have an immediate impact on safety during takeoff, approach and landing, especially during low-visibility conditions.

The system helps balance flight deck workload by enabling pilots to focus on the primary flight display, so they spend less time scanning and interpreting data from other instruments. It also improves operational efficiency by providing better control over flight path, flight time and fuel consumption.

With decades of safety, navigation and display expertise, it’s no surprise that Honeywell has developed the most advanced synthetic vision system in business aviation. We used a rigorous human-centered design process we call the Honeywell User Experience to get input from pilots through every step in the product development and test process.

SmartView is available today on all Primus Epic-based flight decks including Dassault’s EASy, Gulfstream’s PlaneView and the Pilatus PC-12 NG aircraft.

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