The Primus II Upgrade: An All-in-One Solution for the ADS-B Out 2020 Mandate

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) mandate compliance dates in the U.S. and Europe are just around the corner. It’s never too early to develop a compliance roadmap to avoid lead-time problems and get out ahead of government requirements.

A survey conducted for Honeywell Aerospace in the fall of 2015 found that more than 10 percent of operators surveyed had not yet started to think about the ADS-B mandate while 27 percent were just “thinking about preparing” to meet the requirements.

ADS-B Out is a cornerstone of the global air traffic management modernization strategy. It increases efficiency, improves situational awareness and enables aircraft to transmit information to air traffic control ground stations using satellite signals. The bottom line: ATC is able to keep aircraft properly spaced, even in high-density traffic areas.

Honeywell Aerospace is working closely with various channel partners to help customers meet the ADS- B Out mandates, including the FAA requirement that most aircraft operating in U.S. airspace be equipped with ADS-B technology by Jan. 1, 2020.

We recommend that operators take a proactive approach by arranging to modify their aircraft sooner rather than later to avoid the risk of losing access to airspace, disrupting normal flight operations or waiting in line to have the work completed.

Honeywell provides an easy, cost-effective compliance solution for operators that fly with our Primus II radio system. If you upgrade your existing Primus II system and add a standalone GPS receiver you will have a fully compliant solution to all known ADS-B updates.

As part of this upgrade, the Primus II radio system transponder and cluster module will require upgrades to be completed at a Honeywell Service Center or authorized repair location. Modifications will also need to be made to the radio management unit and, in some cases, an upgrade to the GPS sensor will be required.

*Duncan Aviation’s ADS-B Out STC’s:

Primus II Radio System w/ standalone GPS  Hawker 800/800XP  STC# ST01811WI 
Primus II Radio System w/ standalone GPS  Citation 560/560XL  STC# ST01810W 


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