Orion Team Members Applaud Honeywell Supplier

Key members of NASA’s Orion Program team came together on April 11 to thank employees of Cobham Semiconductor Solutions for their support of the program that will eventually carry a crew to deep space and back. Cobham is a key supplier of microelectronics, motion control and valve systems used by Honeywell Aerospace, which is a member of the Avionics Integrated Product Team led by Lockheed Martin.

More than 120 Cobham employees attended a meeting at which they heard from NASA’s Bob Ess, Orion Avionics, Power and Software manager; Astronaut Lee Morin; Paul Anderson, Lockheed Martin Orion Avionics Director; and Steve Mayers, Honeywell’s Orion Lead Engineer. The event was hosted by Chris Clardy, Cobham General Manager, at the company’s Plainview, N.Y., facility.

The speakers recognized the Cobham team’s contributions to the successful Exploration Test Flight-1 mission in December 2014 and for their continuing work as NASA prepares for the next major milestone, Exploration Mission-1, currently scheduled for 2018.

“We’re delighted that senior members of the Orion team took the time to visit Cobham and recognize their important contributions to the program,” said Mayers. “Cobham provides critical components for the Honeywell Command and Data Handling System that provides the flight management computing infrastructure for the Orion vehicle. Their products are essential to the success of the program overall and we value their spirit of teamwork and commitment to quality and program performance.”

Following the all-employee meeting, Orion team members toured the Cobham facility to learn more about the company’s manufacturing processes.

According to NASA, the Orion spacecraft will carry astronauts farther than humans have ever gone before. It will serve as the exploration vehicle that will carry the crew to deep space, provide emergency abort capability, sustain astronauts during their missions and provide safe re-entry back to Earth.

Honeywell is handling Orion navigation hardware and software design and development, as well as production of the navigation avionics and the Command and Data Handling System.

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