Honeywell Air Turbine Starters Provide a Reliable Starting Solution

For more than a half-century, commercial and military customers have turned to Honeywell Aerospace for reliable aircraft engine starters, including the industry-leading Air Turbine Starter (ATS).

The ATS is just one of more than 165 Honeywell starters available — from full-range overrunning clutch designs that accommodate reengagement up to cut-out speeds to proprietary long-life non-contacting, high-speed seals.

The Honeywell ATS is proven to reduce cost of ownership through features such as patented Share Lube Breach Containment, which reduces direct maintenance costs. In addition, the ATS offers a solution that is:

  • Safer. The high-temperature containment feature reduces risk of secondary collateral damage to personnel and machinery.
  • Reliable. High reliability helps avoid flight delays, cancellations and repairs.
  • Lightweight. The system’s high horsepower-to-weight ratios offer the lowest-weight starting technology available.

Honeywell’s ATS Systems consists of two components: the Starter itself and the Starter Air Valve. The ATS is powered by complex turbo machinery to provide starting power to a gas turbine engine. The Starter Air Valve controls air flow from the engine bleed system to the ATS, and has built-in protection features that reduce start-induced stresses to the engine. Together, the components convert pneumatic, or air, energy to mechanical torque which accelerates the engine to its required ignition speed.

Honeywell continues to build on its more than 50-year legacy as a global leader in engine starters. Most recently Honeywell’s ATS was selected for two engines: the Rolls Royce Trent 7000 and GE Aviation’s newest jet engine, the GE9X, which will power the new Boeing 777X airplane.  

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To learn about the different upgrade opportunities available for Air Turbine Starters, check out the Honeywell Performance Accelerator to find the right one for your specific aircraft.

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