New Exchange Policies Benefit Customers Three Ways

In response to customer feedback, Honeywell has made several adjustments to its spares exchange policy that will enhance the user experience when mechanical or avionics cores need to be returned to Honeywell as part of an exchange transaction.

“Core” refers to the exchange of similar products when the returned unit is unusable. 

The fee for late returns has been reduced by 40%, from 5% to 3% per day for core units returned late. The return due dates --14 calendar days for domestic, 21 calendar days for international -- remain the same.

Just as significant for customers who may feel burdened by administrative procedures, Honeywell has reduced the paperwork involved with an exchange. Now, only one invoice will be issued for core units returned late as either an extended usage fee or a non-return core.

Input from Honeywell's Global Customer Committee helped drive another recent policy revision that allows international operators a longer return period for unused core returns. The no-charge policy for these line-replaceable units (LRU) now extends allowable time for international shipments from 7 to 14 days to take into account the complex variety of international shipping regulations that were proving challenging for both service centers and aircraft operators.

"Our offering provides for the shipment of an exchange unit to the customer with same day or next day service," said Heather Venteicher, Aerospace Services Director. "We're committed to helping our customers keep their aircraft flying and these policy revisions should work to everyone's benefit The faster the failed cores are returned and repaired, the faster we can make them available to keep our customers in service."

Core units not returned after 61 days, will be considered purchased and a non-refundable invoice will be issued.

A copy of the detailed policy is available on the portal by accessing the Help Desk icon and clicking "Policies, Terms & Conditions" on the drop down menu.

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