Inertial Land Navigation Licensing Agreement Signed with Navcours in South Korea

Honeywell has partnered with Korean defense firm, Navcours, to enable the TALINTM inertial navigation system to be built and maintained under license in the Republic of Korea. The agreement will greatly reduce maintenance costs and improve production turnaround for the Republic of Korea’s fleet of K-55A1 self-propelled howitzers.

TALIN enables vehicles and artillery to navigate very precisely, even where GPS satellite guidance is not available, to increase troop safety and maximize mission success.  Honeywell’s agreement with Navcours to localize production and maintenance of the TALIN inertial navigation system comes on the back of a US$80 million deal secured with Hanwha Techwin.  This deal will see more than 1,000 TALIN inertial navigation systems delivered for the Republic of Korea Armed Forces’ 155mm K-9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer and 155mm K-55A1 self-propelled howitzer by 2017.

The deal aligns with efforts of the Korea Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) to help Small and Medium size enterprises in Korea to export their products globally.  Honeywell will license the design, hardware and expertise to assemble, test and build the production kits for TALIN inertial navigation system to Navcours.  The agreement builds upon another licensing deal struck in India earlier this year and is expected to deliver improvements in turnaround time and asset availability for the Republic of Korea Armed Forces.

Commenting on the agreement, Moon Jeum Soo, president and CEO, Navcours said, “Honeywell’s TALIN inertial navigation system is a well-established solution with more than 60 military and commercial platforms using it globally, attesting to its superiority as a navigation solution.”  Moon Jeum Soo went on to say, “We expect this co-production program to lead to an optimized management of TALIN inertial navigation system production and maintenance costs, and we look forward to the benefits that this agreement with Honeywell will offer.”

Mark Burgess, senior customer business director for the Asia Pacific region at Honeywell, said   “We anticipate sustained long-term economic benefits from this agreement for the local defense industry, such as job creation and skills transfer.  These benefits will further strengthen the Republic of Korea’s position as a defense weapons manufacturer.  In addition, the TALIN inertial navigation system co-production and maintenance will also improve the Korean army’s mission readiness and safety.”

TALIN inertial navigation system is a proven solution that enables the K-9 Thunder and K-55A1 to navigate and detect targets with extreme precision.  TALIN is reliable even in difficult conditions where GPS may be limited or unavailable, saving valuable time and boosting target accuracy. This makes it a smarter choice for navigating the Republic of Korea’s difficult uplands and mountainous terrain for mission success.

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