Honeywell Systems Power Legacy 450 Certification

Honeywell Systems Power Legacy 450 Certification

September 24, 2015

Embraer’s newest mid-light executive has been certified with key Honeywell Aerospace technologies on board. Honeywell provides the main propulsion engines, auxiliary power unit, cabin pressure control system and Ovation Select™ cabin management system for the Legacy 450. The Federal Aviation Administration and European Aviation Safety Agency recently certified the new aircraft.

“The Legacy 450 sets the bar for all other airplanes in its class. It offers a new level of speed, efficiency and comfort as the fastest mid-light jet in the air,” said Brian Sill, President, Business and General Aviation. “Honeywell’s range of products aboard the aircraft gives customers the tools they need to get to their destination faster while staying productive and entertained.”

“Honeywell’s technology has allowed the Legacy 450 to reach higher standards than originally thought possible,” said Luciano Castro, Vice President for Programs at Embraer Executive Jets. “Between the reliability and superior performance of the engines, and the enhanced experience provided by the in-flight management system, we were able to produce a superior jet for the mid-light jet segment.”

The Honeywell HTF7500E turbofan engine was developed specifically for the Embraer Legacy 500 and Legacy 450. It provides better fuel efficiency, reliability and maintainability. It also reduces emissions and noise, giving the jet greater access to airports around the world.

The 36-150EMB auxiliary power unit supplies pneumatic and electric power for the aircraft while on the ground and in flight. The APU has 10 percent more flow and pressure than previous models for faster, cooler starting of the main engine.

The Ovation Select cabin management system puts lighting, seat, temperature and galley controls at the passengers’ fingertips while enabling passengers to stay informed and connected with their business operations while traveling.

The integrated environmental control system includes the air conditioning system, cabin pressure control system, supplemental cooling system and ventilation system. It provides a more comfortable experience for passengers.