Honeywell Advances Air Data Technology for F-16

A new Advanced Central Air Data Computer (ACADC) from Honeywell Aerospace provides F-16 operators with next-generation performance, reliability and maintainability.

The new air data computer is in full production and is already standard equipment on new F-16s coming off the Lockheed Martin assembly line. It also is available today as a cost-effective replacement for the Central Air Data Computers (CADCs) and Upgraded Central Air Data Computer (UCADCs) that equip most of the F-16s flown by the world’s air forces.

The function of an aircraft’s air data computer hasn’t changed since the technology was introduced in the 1970s. Air data computers still provide vital information – such as altitude, airspeed and mach number – to various systems on the aircraft. On the other hand, technology has continually advanced since the introduction of the CADC 40-plus years ago and the UADC 25 years ago.

The ADADC represents the state-of-the-art in air data computer technology, and was designed to reduce size,  weight and cost while improving performance, reliability and maintainability.

The ADADC is a fully qualified form, fit and function replacement for previous-generation air data computers on the F-16. It offers lower power consumption than previous-generation air data computers and a 10-fold mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) improvement compared to the original CADC. It also uses the same test equipment, which helps operators control maintenance costs.

As the world’s F-16 fleet ages, obsolescence of current systems will continue to be a problem for operators. Honeywell engineers designed the ACADC to be supportable for 20 years or more, providing operators with the stability they need to continue flying one of the most popular and effective fighter aircraft ever built. 

Honeywell pioneered the development air data computer technology and is today the leading producer of air data computers and transducers for military fixed-wing aircraft, commercial aircraft and business aircraft. In all Honeywell has produced more than 100,000 air data computers or modules for more than 25 different aircraft types, including close to 5,000 CADC and UCADC units for the F-16. 

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