Global SAR System Counts on Honeywell Technology

When every second counts, search and rescue crews can count on Honeywell to help them locate downed fighter pilots and others in distress. We’re the leader in satellite-based Search and Rescue technology that provides information to the mission control centers and rescue coordination centers that are part of the international Cospas-Sarsat network.

Cospas-Sarsat provides accurate, timely and reliable distress alert and location information to search and rescue authorities around the world. The program operates a satellite network that picks up alert transmissions from distress beacons installed on aircraft and ships and carried by individuals, such as oil-rig workers and backpackers. The satellites transmit highly accurate location data to the appropriate mission control centers, which in turn send the data to the closest search and rescue teams. It all happens in real time.

Honeywell technology plays a critical role in the global search and rescue capability that Cospas-Sarsat enables. Working with ACR Electronics, a leading provider of emergency beacons, we supply an integrated solution that includes hardware, software, operational expertise, training and aftermarket maintenance and support to military services and other customers. Our products include hardware and software for ground stations and mission control centers located in all regions the world.

For example, SLB2000 emergency beacons are installed in the survival packs that are located under the seats of F-16 and F-15 fighters flown by air forces worldwide. The seat separates when a pilot ejects but the survival pack – and the beacon – stays with the downed airman and immediately begins transmitting its location to the satellite constellation.

With the Honeywell offering, the signal can be encrypted to meet the special needs of military forces flying combat or covert missions.

Cospas-Sarsat began as a joint effort of Canada, France, the United States and the former Soviet Union in 1979.  Today it includes more than 40 states and organizations. The system was credited with rescuing more than 35,000 people since its inception.

Learn more about Honeywell Global Tracking Search & Rescue products here.

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