Intermountain Flies High with New Engine Certification

Darryl Christensen has spent most of the last three decades working with turboshaft helicopter engines.  The founder and CEO of Intermountain Turbine Services was once an engine mechanic himself, working on Honeywell LTS101 turboshaft engines for the nation’s largest medivac operator. He left that job to form Intermountain in 1993 and has never looked back.

Twenty-two years later Intermountain is a Honeywell North American Authorized Service Center for the LTS101. In August, Intermountain received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification to work on Honeywell’s next-generation turboshaft engine, the HTS900.

“We have a great partnership with Honeywell,” Christensen said. “Our two companies share a dedication for keeping our customers’ helicopters in the air by providing the best possible service and working to reduce total lifecycle costs for operators. We service about 80 LTS101 engines per year and are extremely excited to have the opportunity to work on the HTS900 engine as well.”

Intermountain recently completed the maintenance release for the first HTS900 engine serviced under the new FAA certification. The engine was still under warranty and only needed minor repairs to a seal. The Intermountain maintenance, repair and operations facility in Lindon, Utah, is fully equipped and technicians have been trained to provide the full range of services for the HTS900.

“We worked closely with Honeywell and the FAA to earn this certification,” Christensen said. “We’re looking forward to meeting the needs of HTS900 operators, wherever they may be and whatever missions they may fly.”

“The performance of the HTS900 is amazing,” Christensen said. “It will let operators flying all types of missions lift significantly heavier payloads under ‘high and hot’ conditions. The cost of maintenance and operation will be very competitive for this size of engine and specific fuel consumption is phenomenal.”

“Operators also can be assured that Honeywell and Intermountain have plans to support their engines once they enter service,” he added. “We welcome operators to visit our facility in Lindon and see what we have to offer.”

Intermountain is known throughout the industry for its 24/7/365 approach to turbine service and maintenance. The company maintains a large inventory of parts, accessories and rotable items, including LTS101 rental engines. Intermountain is in the process of stocking up to support future HTS900 work. For more information, contact Intermountain at 801-785-9898.

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