HUMS Distributors in Asia Focus on Helping Customers Succeed

HUMS Distributors in Asia Focus on Helping Customers Succeed

October 20, 2015

New developments in the Honeywell Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) product line were the focus when more than 15 of the company’s customer business managers and authorized HUMS distributors gathered in Tokyo, Japan, recently.

The goal of the three-day training session was to provide attendees with in-depth information about new HUMS features and products, including Honeywell’s Enhanced Vibrex™ 2000 Plus (EV2K+) balancer/analyzer, which automates the helicopter rotor track and balance process.

Held October 14-16 at Honeywell’s Tokyo facility, this was the second HUMS training for distributors and customer business managers held by Honeywell and Diagnostic Solutions International outside of North America. A similar training session was held in Raunheim, Germany in August.

The session covered a wide range of topics designed to give Honeywell and distributor customer-service specialists the tools and information they need to help customers succeed. Included was a hands-on laboratory session during which attendees experienced the features of the EV2K+ and several other products.