Honeywell to Feature HUMS, Satellite Communications and Engines at HAC 2015 in Canada

Honeywell’s newest developments in condition-based maintenance, satellite communication technologies and helicopter propulsion engines will be featured at this year’s Helicopter Association of Canada Convention and Trade Show. The largest annual gathering of the Canadian helicopter community, the event will be staged in Vancouver Nov. 13-15. Honeywell Aerospace is a sponsor of this year’s convention and tradeshow.

Honeywell and Hope Aero will host a special product presentation featuring new developments in the Honeywell Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) family of condition-based maintenance products, systems and services. Hope Aero is Canada’s leading aircraft component maintenance specialist and an authorized dealer for the Honeywell HUMS product line.

During the presentation, Honeywell and Hope Aero will introduce its latest entrant into the HUMS technology market – the Enhanced Vibrex 2000 Plus (EV2K+) vibration analysis and balancing tool for helicopters and turboprop fixed-wing aircraft. The EV2K+ is a highly effective, low cost solution that meets the needs of many Canadian helicopter operators.

The presentation also will update attendees on a wide range of onboard and portable satellite communication technologies and services that operators can use to improve the safety, performance and availability of their fleets. An example is Honeywell’s Sky Connect Tracker III mission management system, which can send real-time aircraft health status and maintenance alerts from the HUMS to operations and maintenance personnel over the Iridium network. Sky Connect Tracker III can support flight tracking and Flight Data Monitoring (FDM).

Honeywell and Hope Aero will present at 3 p.m. on Nov. 14 in rooms W103 and W104.

Honeywell and Intermountain Turbine Services, a Honeywell authorized Channel partner for Maintenance, Repairs and Overhaul (MRO), will join forces in another product presentation featuring Honeywell’s latest helicopter propulsion system, the HTS900. Intermountain received Federal Aviation Administration certification to work on Honeywell’s next-generation turboshaft engine in August. Based in Utah, Intermountain is Honeywell’s main repair, maintenance and overhaul provider for the LTS101 turboshaft in North America.

During the presentation, Honeywell and Intermountain will discuss MRO strategies for both engines from an operator’s point of view. Intermountain has extensive experience gained over more than 20 years of working on Honeywell turboshaft engines

Honeywell also will cover a unique engine-replacement program for Bell 407 helicopters. In cooperation with Eagle Copters Ltd., Honeywell developed the Eagle 407HP program. The Eagle 407HP provides operators a 38 percent increase in hover-out-of-ground-effect (HOGE) performance, allowing them to lift significantly heavier payloads under “high and hot” conditions.

Honeywell and Intermountain will present at 4 p.m. on Nov. 14 in rooms W103 and W104.

Airwork New Zealand and Great Slave Helicopter (Booth 626) will showcase the Honeywell LTS101 engine onboard the BK117-850D2, the ultimate utility intermediate twin helicopter. The BK117-850D2 is utilized in a variety of missions including firefighting, emergency medical and search and rescue missions.  

Honeywell’s LTS101 turboshaft propulsion engine helps operators reduce costs without sacrificing the power needed to lift heavy loads in challenging operating conditions. The LTS101 engine has what it takes to meet your needs – anytime, anywhere, any mission.

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