Honeywell Improves Weather Radar for C-130

Honeywell Aerospace is making features of its most advanced commercial weather radar available to C-130 operators for the first time. The latest version of the RDR-4000M weather radar includes Honeywell’s unique IntuVue® 3D volumetric technology and an intuitive display to provide early warning of weather hazards – such as lightning, hail and turbulence – along the aircraft’s flight path.

By providing a better view of weather conditions ahead, the radar enhances safety, aids flight crew decision-making and improves mission effectiveness for C-130 operators.

Already selected by several operators, the RDR-4000M radar has been proven effective in combat operations aboard the C-17. The RDR-4000M is the military version of the commercial RDR-4000 being used on thousands of commercial aircraft. But it also includes added features like High-Resolution Ground Mapping, Doppler Beam Sharpened Precision Ground Mapping and sectored skin paint modes that make it ideal for military operations.

The system weighs 65 percent less, is smaller and consumes less power than legacy radars. It offers a five-fold improvement in reliability, compared to the weather radars installed today on most C-130s.

The radar automatically sweeps from wingtip to wingtip and up and down to provide C-130 pilots with an unprecedented view of airspace up to 320 miles along their flight path and from the ground to 60,000 feet. Using data from Honeywell’s Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) data base, the system is able to eliminate ground features and “clutter” that often caused confusion in earlier generations of weather radar. Radar return data is automatically stored, processed and displayed to create a unique three-dimensional view of storm activity.

All this combines to provide C-130 flight crews with a weather radar system that enables safe and efficient routing while saving fuel, reduces potential weather damage to the aircraft and helps operators achieve their missions.

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