Honeywell Generates Energy Savings for DoD

About half of Honeywell’s products deliver energy-efficiency benefits for the company’s customers in the aerospace, industrial, commercial building, residential and transportation industries. One of Honeywell’s major customers, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), benefits from nearly the full range of the company’s energy-saving know-how. In fact, few companies impact the DoD’s energy-efficiency in as many ways as Honeywell.

For example, Honeywell is one of the military’s leading providers of fuel-saving turbine engines. Honeywell engines power military platforms ranging from helicopters, to tanks to remotely piloted aircraft.

A great example is the new HPW3000 engine, designed for the Army’s Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP) to modernize Black Hawk and Apache helicopters. The engine will demonstrate 25 percent fuel savings over the current engine while also providing increased performance.

We’re also working with the Air Force on a new engine called the Small Turbofan that has applications for remotely piloted aircraft and next-generation large helicopters, as well as commercial and general aviation uses. The engine will reduce fuel consumption by as much as 35 percent.

And our AGT1500 engine is installed in more than 3,000 Army and Marine Corps M1 main battle tanks, providing superior performance and fuel-efficiency improvements of as much as 14 percent.

Honeywell also is a leading provider of navigation and safety systems for military aircraft, including sophisticated flight management systems that give pilots the tools they need to plot the most fuel-efficient course.

We are a pioneer in the development of drop-in renewable fuels and are working with the Air Force and Navy on biofuels for aircraft, helicopters, ships and land vehicles. Speaking of land vehicles, Honeywell turbochargers equip more than 100,000 medium-to-large diesel-powered Army combat and support vehicles, providing the perfect marriage of power and fuel economy.

Honeywell is also an industry leader in the emerging advanced energy-management technology called micro-grid systems that control fixed base and forward base energy consumption, run generators efficiently and manage forward base energy demands and peaks. Energy saved in forward bases results in fewer convoys supplying fuel and batteries to forward locations, saving lives.

We installed a micro-grid at Wheeler Air Field and are working with the Army on another at Ft. Bragg. We are running the federal government’s only installation-wide micro-grid at the White Oak Federal Research Center in Maryland, where we have operated in island mode more than 75 times in the last three years, through earthquakes, straight-line windstorms and Hurricane Sandy.

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