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As the global climate continues to change and weather conditions become more variable and extreme, the need for advanced weather detection is of paramount importance. Weather phenomena such as thunderstorms, hail and turbulence cost the airline industry more than $100 million a year. In fact, weather delays account for more than 52 percent of flight delays and cost the U.S. economy as much as $18 billion a year in lost time and productivity.

No wonder that steering clear of bad weather is a priority for pilots everywhere. In the aviation industry, lots of people talk about severe weather avoidance. With its ground-breaking next-generation weather radar, Honeywell has done something about it.

The IntuVue family of advanced 3D weather radar systems from Honeywell uses the latest technologies to provide pilots with unprecedented levels of situational awareness.

IntuVue’s groundbreaking innovations include the use of volumetric 3D scanning and pulse compression technologies that provide vastly improved weather detection and unique predictive hazard warnings for lightning, hail, windshear and turbulence. Unlike conventional 2D radars, the IntuVue radar gives pilots the whole picture.

By rapidly scanning 160 degrees in front of the aircraft at many tilt angles, the system captures weather data vertically from 0 to 60,000 feet and ahead up to 320 nautical miles. IntuVue radars provide a clear view of weather conditions and potential hazards along and in the vicinity of the flight path.

Only IntuVue radars provide advanced weather detection through all stages of flight – from taxi to take-off and departure, throughout the journey from Point A to Point B, and through to approach and landing. (Click here to take a Journey with IntuVue)

The first all-new radar concept in more than 30 years, IntuVue radars for passenger, business and military aircraft provide greater safety, enhance decision making, enable quicker rerouting and reduce pilot workload.

Click here to download our new IntuVue whitepaper.

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