New Inertial Measurement Unit Offers Same Industry Leading Capabilities, but in a Smaller Package

A new slimmed-down version of Honeywell’s HG1700 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) provides users with the design flexibility they need to get the job done in a smaller, lighter package. Best of all, the HG1700SG IMU provides the same high levels of performance and reliability that customers expect from Honeywell – the leader in inertial stabilization, control and navigation technologies.

The HG1700SG IMU is the latest in a long line of configurability options we offer to provide the right sensor for every application. Listening to our customers, we learned that there was pull for a smaller version of the HG1700 to meet the needs of government, military and commercial designers specializing in munitions, robotics, ground surveying, unmanned vehicles, mobile mapping and other applications where platform real estate and weight are at a premium.

Using the latest design techniques, Honeywell engineers were able to reduce the height and weight of the unit by more than 20 percent, while maintaining all the performance characteristics of other HG1700 IMUs including inertial error parameters. The unit also maintains the same electrical and software interfaces as the rest of the HG1700 family.  

Our engineers were able to leverage our long-standing expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing IMUs, using the same laboratories, factories and technicians who work on other products in our inertial sensor product line. 

Like other members of the HG1700 family, the new IMU uses three Ring Laser Gyroscopes (RLGs) and three quartz Resonating Beam Accelerometers (RBAs) to provide extremely precise stabilization, control and navigation data. The unit also uses an external environmental ring isolator to filter undesirable sensor inputs commonly encountered in real world applications.

Honeywell has fielded more than 350,000 HG1700 IMUs in various configurations – that’s more than 10 times the number of our closest competitor.

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