Honeywell and Channel Partners Present at HAC Canada

For the first time in a number of years, Honeywell participated at the Helicopter Association of Canada conference in Vancouver.  Honeywell did not have a booth at the show; however worked with a number of channel partners to complement their plan.

Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS)

Honeywell and Hope Aero, Canada’s leading aircraft component maintenance specialist partnered to host a special product presentation covering carry-on and onboard Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS).

The HUMS presentation covered the Enhanced Vibrex 2000 Plus (EV2K+), Zing Test Elite (ZTE) portable system and the new onboard vibration monitoring systems.  In addition to the HUMS and vibration monitoring products, the presentation also provided attendees with a wide range of onboard and portable satellite communication technologies including the Sky Connect Tracker III mission management system.

Honeywell Engines

Honeywell, Eagle Copters, and Intermountain Turbine Services provided an update on the HTS900 and LTS101 engines. Intermountain shared some of the extensive experience the company has gained over more than 20 years of working on Honeywell turboshaft engines and Eagle Copters provided an update on the HTS900.

Great Slave Helicopter hosted a dramatic hoisting demonstration using the BK117-850D2 helicopter which is powered by Honeywell’s LTS101 engine.  

Watch this video to see footage of the hoist demonstration.


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