Airwork New Zealand Offers BK117-B2 Demos at HAC Canada

Airwork New Zealand Offers BK117-B2 Demos at HAC Canada

November 11, 2015

Based in New Zealand, Airwork (NZ) provides a broad range of services for the commercial helicopter industry including sales, leasing, engineering and maintenance support for more than 120 helicopters. Airwork NZ’s customers span service industries including utility, police, emergency medical services and search and rescue.

Airwork has upgraded over 40 BK117-B2 helicopters with the Honeywell LTS101-850B-2 engines. The engine enables improved operator safety (full Cat A, Class 1) and better hot and high performance with increased payload capacity. Operators boast an estimated 18 percent increase in helicopter value as a result of the engine upgrade. 

Honeywell’s LTS101 turboshaft engine is one of the most successful helicopter engines ever built. Since the engine was certified in 1975, over 2,000 engines have been delivered to customers worldwide logging over 11 million flight hours- powering a number of airframes including the Bell 222, Airbus/Kawasaki BK117, Airbus AS350 and the Avicopter AC311.

Airwork New Zealand and Great Slave Helicopters will provide operators attending the HAC Canada conference with an opportunity to experience the LTS101 powered BK117-850D2. Helicopter demonstrations will be hosted on Monday, November 16, 2015 from 9am. If you are interested in scheduling a demonstration at HAC Canada or upgrading to the LTS101 engine, contact Stephen Green, Airwork NZ at or +64 21 280 3951.