Honeywell Offers 2014 Pricing, Incentives on Hawker Upgrades

Honeywell Offers 2014 Pricing, Incentives on Hawker Upgrades

May 29, 2015

Honeywell is maintaining 2014 pricing on cockpit upgrades for the Hawker 800XP aircraft and providing installing dealers with a credit for each complete baseline configuration purchased by June 30, 2015. The goal of this promotion is to increase customer interest and generate new sales for Honeywell and channel partners, which can be best realized by passing these savings through to Hawker 800XP operators.

A cockpit upgrade provides a wide range of benefits for customers who operate Hawker 800XP aircraft, including improved flight safety and situational awareness, reduced cost of ownership and improved passenger comfort.

The complete baseline configuration includes:

  • The Primus® Epic CDS/R (cockpit display system/retrofit), which is an evolution of Honeywell’s very successful Primus 1000 and 2000 integrated avionics systems. The Primus Epic CDS/R uses the same integrated avionics computer platform as current Primus 1000/2000 applications, offering a high degree of system integration functionality on a proven and reliable computing platform;
  • Advanced file graphics server (AFGS), which provides advanced graphics generation capabilities together with mass data storage to allow for the operation of flight display applications;
  • Global navigation sensor system unit (GNSSU) Upgrade, to support wide area augmentation system – localizer performance with vertical guidance (WAAS-LPV) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Out capabilities;
  • The NZ-2010 Flight Management System 6.1 Software Upgrade, which includes a variety of safety and efficiency enhancements, including enabling the aircraft to receive and process the GPS-WAAS signal and to fly the new LPV approaches.

An optional upgrade to the XM® receiver and antenna and weather information network (WINN) Service also is available. Honeywell’s Data Link weather receiver brings high speed textual and 3-D graphical weather to the flight deck to provide real-time weather information while airborne.

For more information on this special offer, please contact your local Honeywell area sales manager.