Honeywell Helps Historic Aircraft Take Wing

When dozens of World War II-vintage aircraft take wing over Washington, D.C., on VE Day 2015, Honeywell Aerospace will be right there with them – in more ways than one.

We’re an Exclusive Formation Sponsor for the Arsenal of Democracy Flyover on May 8, marking the 70th anniversary of the Allied Forces’ Victory in Europe. In addition, many of these historic warbirds fly with technology pioneered by Honeywell and our legacy companies.

“With more than 100 years of aerospace and defense history behind us, Honeywell Aerospace is proud to support the Arsenal of Democracy Flyover as it honors the men, women and flying machines from the ‘Greatest Generation’ for their historic contributions to our way of life,” said Bill Kircos, vice president, Communications, Honeywell Aerospace.
“We’re also proud of the many contributions that Honeywell employees – past and present – have made to improve the mission capabilities of our military forces.”

Honeywell and its legacy companies, including Sperry and Garrett AiResearch, were major contributors to the war effort, providing technologies that improved the capability and effectiveness aircraft of every type.

For example, we developed the first all-electric autopilot for the B-17 Flying Fortress and went on to become the standard-equipment supplier of autopilots for all U.S. aircraft by the end of the war. We developed bombsight technology for the B-24 Liberator and other aircraft, improving the precision of American and allied bombers. Our innovative cabin pressurization system, first used on the B-29, made high-altitude flight possible for the first time. We helped usher in the jet age with cooling turbines for the P-80 Shooting Star. And our pioneering work on exhaust-based turbochargers yielded products that became stock equipment on various World War II bombers, and may boost the performance of your car today.

These and dozens of other innovations helped improve the capability and mission-effectiveness of the historic aircraft that helped win World War II. Join us in remembering their place in history as they take flight on May 8.

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