Honeywell Avionics Turn Air Force Falcon 900B into Airborne Business Office

Honeywell Avionics Turn Air Force Falcon 900B into Airborne Business Office

May 29, 2015

A Falcon 900B belonging to a national air force in the Far East needed a major upgrade to enable government ministers and air force officers to stay in contact with colleagues and officials on the ground.

RUAG Aviation of Switzerland―a leading supplier and integrator of systems and components for the civil and military aviation industry―was appointed to lead the project and selected Honeywell’s Ovation® Select cabin management and satcom systems, together with an upgrade to the Falcon’s flight management system.

The result is an executive jet with a state-of-the-art airborne working environment and constant, secure communication with the ground.

In addition to continuous connectivity, the customer also required high quality cabin systems to conduct business en route and to enable passengers to arrive at their destination rested, refreshed and ready to go.

Honeywell's Ovation Select was the obvious go-to system.

Ovation Select gives executive jet passengers unprecedented business productivity and connectivity, allowing control of in-flight entertainment and environmental conditions. When paired with an Inmarsat SwiftBroadband satcom system, Ovation Select gives passengers email and high-speed Internet access as well as the ability to host video conferences and make telephone calls, all from the aircraft.

According to RUAG, this was a large scale project under challenging timescales.

“This was one of the most complex installations that we have ever completed and we had tremendous support from our colleagues at Honeywell," said Ed Goueli, head of engineering for RUAG.
"The result is a fabulous upgrade for our customer, providing all of the additional features and benefits that were needed. Despite its age, this Falcon 900 is now one of the best equipped executive jets in the world!”

Honeywell’s partnership approach also ensured that a variety of third-party systems and technologies were fully integrated into the overall solution.

"This kind of sophisticated installation requires commitment, technical skill and ingenuity so naturally they turned to a world leader in cabin management and satellite communications systems," said Ali Sadoudi, EMEAI regional sales director.
"The paybacks don't stop with superb airborne office performance though," Sadoudi notes."Besides immediate benefits, the value of the aircraft is significantly enhanced, its lifespan is extended and perhaps most important, national security and continuity of government is enhanced."

Since entry into service in October 2011, the Ovation Select system has been installed on more than 100 aircraft around the world.