Electronic software delivery gives fast, one-stop shopping for maintenance managers

Honeywell has just launched a new electronic web system for delivering data and software updates to maintenance managers at airlines and corporate jet operations. Called Aerospace Software and Data Services (ASDS), the infrastructure became operational April 9th.

In addition to electronic delivery of conventional navigation database updates and terrain data for Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS), ASDS will eventually allow customers to receive a variety of other software updates such as aircraft configuration data without need for hard media.

"By eliminating the whole apparatus of floppy disks, CDs and other physical media, Honeywell is able to deliver updates to customers faster while allowing us to reduce our own overhead," said Vijay Iyer, Senior Manager, Aerospace Services.

The new system also consolidates all Honeywell Aerospace sites for software downloads. Previously, customers had to deal with a variety of different departments depending on the software needed.

"It's a one-stop-shop for downloads, " Iyer said, "a kind of software mall that streamlines the process across multiple Honeywell sites and ultimately enhances the user experience."

In addition to being faster and more convenient to use, the new system helps customers manage their inventory since they don't have to storehouse and physically file disks and other media.

"This is a huge benefit for both the customer and Honeywell," Iyer said. "For example, just one part number for an older 777 could take a stack of floppies and it's not unusual for us to receive a hundred software orders per week from customers."

Operators can still choose to get data and software through conventional means but, according to Iyer, customers are increasingly requesting the convenience and speed of direct download.

The next phase of the ASDS rollout, scheduled for the fourth quarter, adds the capability for downloading configuration files such as Airline Modifiable Interfaces (AMI), Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT) and Aircraft Personality Modules (APM).

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