DSI Brings Centuries of Experience to HUMS Support

May 6, 2015

DSI Brings Centuries of Experience to HUMS Support

Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) have only been around for a couple of decades, but that hasn’t stopped the 22 employees of Diagnostic Solutions International (DSI) from acquiring a combined total of about 250+ years of experience with the technology.

One of Honeywell’s valued channel partners, DSI provides helicopter operators with a wide range of HUMS-related hardware, software, customer support, engineering and field support, system design, training and other services. Headquartered in Ontario, Calif., the company prides itself on providing “a single point of entry for all customers’ HUMS needs,” said Brian Hatcher, president and CEO of DSI.

“We offer our experience and specialized aptitudes in helicopter rotor track and balance, propeller balance, aircraft and engine component balance, vibration analysis, engine performance qualification, and HUMS data management and analysis,” Hatcher continued. “Our experience with the Honeywell HUMS technology dates back to the Chadwick Helmuth days and we’re proud to be Honeywell’s premier distributor and service provider for the HUMS product line.”

With thousands of systems in the field, Honeywell is the proven technology leader in HUMS that deliver a wide range of safety, maintenance, reliability and readiness benefits for all classes of rotary-wing aircraft.