Addressing the Sea Change in Healthcare Delivery

A sea change is currently underway in the healthcare industry in the United States and internationally. While the multiple currents driving changes, two are particularly evident. First, governments are mandating improvements in patient outcomes and safety, increased clinical performance, reporting, record keeping, and significant cost reductions. Second, consumers are assuming a greater percentage of the cost and, consequently, demanding more value for their investment.

In order to satisfy these imperatives to improve quality and reduce costs, health systems, hospitals and providers are reexamining every system touch point – from the initial hospital / facility design to patient admission through discharge and beyond – to assess potential for improvements and savings.

This is where Honeywell can help.
Honeywell has experience in developing and delivering innovative solutions tailored to efficient, safe and profitable management of healthcare facilities of all sizes and complexities. We are a leading global provider of integrated building solutions, activation and fit-out; building enterprise and infrastructure management; cyber and physical security; enterprise IT support; and healthcare information technology.

Honeywell shares the same philosophy with healthcare providers – while we realize that while technology is important, it is committed, caring and experienced people delivering quality service what matters most.

“We take customer service seriously. Our professionals are experienced, certified by the appropriate accrediting organizations and are committed to providing the best customer service every day,” said Sandeep Kaul, vice president for business development and strategy, Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc.

Honeywell’s knowledge and service experience in building design, automation, integration, operations, facilities management, IT systems engineering and security, and systems optimization will help administrators stay focused on their mission.

Technology goes hand in hand with the human touch and is now an integral part of the overall business strategy and patient-centric care delivery. Honeywell provides scalable, modular systems technology integration to help improve your processes, enhance safety and improve the quality of care.

“We view the health systems as dynamic, interactive, and ever-changing, thus we deliver integrated systems rather than components,” said Kaul.

Explore how Honeywell Healthcare can improve quality, safety and efficiency, and reduce costs.

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