New Generator Improves UH-60 Mission-Effectiveness

New Generator Improves UH-60 Mission-Effectiveness

March 23, 2015

Aircrews need all the power they can get to run all the electronics on today’s upgraded helicopters. Too often, they need to choose which systems to use because their helicopter can’t generate enough juice to run their avionics, radars, safety systems, jamming equipment, radios and other electronic systems all at the same time. It’s a problem that can affect mission-effectiveness or even impact the safety of our dedicated war fighters.

Honeywell Aerospace has an answer – a new 60 kVA generator that gives UH-60 Black Hawk crews a one-third power boost in a compact unit that is a drop-in replacement for the helicopter’s current 45 kVA generator. Available for retrofit today, the new generator already is being used in daily operations by a Special Operations group flying the UH-60M out of Ft. Campbell, Ky.

The new 60 kVA unit is the same diameter and just .33 inches longer than the unit it replaces, creating a true form, fit and function replacement. No additional equipment or modification to the generator control unit, gearbox or wiring harness is required to make the upgrade.

Just seven pounds heavier than the current unit, the new generator makes up for that weight increase with a significant increase in power density, from 1.59 to 1.69 kVA per pound. Compared to other 60 kVA generators, the unit saves about 4.5 pounds in total weight – providing a great tradeoff for UH-60 operators.

Based on Honeywell’s proven design for the 45 kVA generator, the new 60 kVA unit can be installed without the extensive flight testing usually required for a new-generation system. The 60 kVA unit offers the same proven performance and reliability as the earlier unit.

All things considered, replacing the current power generator with the new 60 kVA generator is projected to generate more than $30,000 in value per helicopter.