Honeywell and Troo Set the New Comprehensive Situational Awareness Standard for Helicopter Operators

March 18, 2015

Honeywell and Troo Corporation’s TrooTrax combines world-class weather services with the Sky Connect Tracker Mission Management system to bring together the best in comprehensive situational awareness. Helicopter operators now have the capability to receive enhanced live aviation data and weather forecasts.

TrooTrax live aircraft monitoring brings in layers of information important to dispatchers and others involved with flight operations. This includes up-to-the-minute and forecasted weather for anywhere in the world and interactive layers of data geo-referenced against aeronautical charts, flight paths, airport databases and even Federal Aviation Authority Aircraft Situation to Display Industry data and the latest nearby flight zone restrictions.

“It’s hard to imagine a more comprehensive view of factors affecting flights, before, during and after flight,” says Frank Friesacher, CEO of Troo. “Bringing live 2-way data from the aircraft, using the Sky Connect Tracker into the TrooTrax unified monitoring and analytics platform enables automatic alerts to be set-up but also allows layers of weather and other relevant flight data to be displayed in a way that makes quick, well-informed decisions possible. The Operations Center now has the ultimate tool suite for safe and effective mission management.”

Download the Total Mission Management for Helicopter Operators white paper.