Give Us an Hour and We’ll Double Your SATCOM Speed

Double Your SATCOM Speed

Would you like to have high speed internet on your aircraft or helicopter? A quick and easy software upgrade to your Honeywell SATCOM terminal can double your data throughput speed and provide the fastest-available voice and data links to Inmarsat’s Swift Broadband global satellite network.

Our high data rate (HDR) upgrade is a software-only solution that can easily be installed in the factory or in the field, where installation takes about an hour. With no hardware change required, it’s the fastest and easiest way to improve SATCOM performance and provide operators, flight crews and passengers with the high-speed connectivity they need for voice and data communications – and even videoconferencing.

The upgrade is available now for Honeywell’s HSD-400, MSC-7163/7147 and Aspire® 200 Satellite Communications System terminals, connected to a wide range of Honeywell high-gain and intermediate-gain antennas. HDR communications enable data rates as high as 1.3 Mbps on the HSD-400 and MSC-7163/7147 terminals and 650 Kbps on the Aspire 200 unit, which is almost twice as fast as units without the upgrade.

With Honeywell’s HDR SATCOM solutions, users can enjoy the all-weather broadband performance that is only offered by L-band systems. For helicopter operators, the HDR upgrade also includes specialized interleaver waveform to compensate for rotor blockage and enable seamless broadband connectivity.

All this and more from Honeywell – the world leader in broadband connectivity for all aircraft types. The possibilities of connectivity. Made easy. Learn more about our wide range of SATCOM solutions.

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