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Direct Access App Gets More Appetizing with Latest Upgrades

March 30, 2015

Direct Access App Gets More Appetizing with Latest Upgrades

Direct Access is one of Honeywell's convenient mobile apps that is available to Business & General Aviation pilots and flight departments. Aptly named, it provides direct access to vital services with just a few touches on a smart phone or tablet.

Introduced in October 2013, the app provides aircraft-on-ground (AOG) support and utilizes GPS data to locate the nearest tech support staff, dealers, service centers and other critical information.

Now, improvements have been made to the user interface and navigation process, making the app easier and more intuitive to use. Plus, the software has been updated to support Apple iOS8 and the latest Android OS (up to 4.4).

Other key upgrades make it easier to call the Technical Support Engineer (TSE) office directly and to contact a TSE based on the engineer's product expertise.

Meanwhile, individual TSE email addresses have been replaced with a systemwide email ― ― allowing Honeywell to route requests and inquiries more efficiently.

"Essentially, these improvements give Honeywell even better ability to respond to our customers’ needs and solve their problems more quickly," said Vicki Dorsey, Program/Project Manager.

Another popular feature of Direct Access is the interactive map of dealers and service centers that allows the user to click on a pin to quickly find a phone number, see an address or select “Show More” to view profile details such as capabilities, website link and Honeywell contact, if applicable.

The intuitive app can be downloaded for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play or from the Honeywell Aerospace App Store. BlackBerry, Windows phone and desktop users can access the tool online.