Honeywell's Performance Accelerator Wins Horizon Interactive Awards

Honeywell's Performance Accelerator Wins Horizon Interactive Awards

June 2, 2015

The Performance Accelerator recently received two Horizon Interactive Awards for its innovative design in providing product information to customers. Winning Gold in the B2B/Corporate category and Silver in the Consumer Information category, it topped other notable companies including: Komatsu, Nokia, Coldwell Banker and Phillips Lighting. The Horizon Interactive Awards has become one of the most prestigious in interactive and creative media recognizing and promoting the best web sites, videos, online advertising, print media and mobile applications.

“When building this tool, the key driver was designing something that was not only easy for our customers but delivered the exact information they needed – and nothing they didn’t ,” said Robert Edwards, Senior Manager Customer Experience. “I think this award acknowledges that we were focused on the right priorities...customers first.”

The Performance Accelerator gives users an interactive and customizable view of Honeywell service bulletins and upgrade options. It’s a one-stop resource for airline fleet management and includes full 3-D renderings of the 20 most widely used commercial aircraft platforms, with up-to-date information specific to each aircraft.

Honeywell’s Performance Accelerator helps airlines calculate potential fuel, maintenance, operational and safety cost savings from service bulletin incorporation, as well as from new modifications and upgrades. The interactive online tool includes an intuitive search function and a user-friendly interface so that employees across a variety of departments, including engineering, maintenance, supply chain and flight operations can easily navigate the system.